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When asked about his bracing, Jeremy said:

In a lot of ways I think this pattern is what I've been working toward since I started playing around with triangles and 60 construction "way back" in 2013. The idea that six equilateral triangles around a vertex is one of the only entirely symmetrical/stable least-effort structural systems in nature was sort of "lightbulb" moment. The result was essentially two linked and self-stabilized hexagons, one under the bridge and one under the lower bout. The distribution of stiffness is very even and I really like how it moves. Really it always comes down to the sound and the community of players around me (who have played a pretty large cross-section of my work) seem to think that these last few have been the best ones yet...

I spy a tornovoz in there as well!

the top 2.26.18 by Tristan Koehler, on Flickr

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