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Originally Posted by Martin Maniac View Post
Paul, I liked the mastered version better. The low end of the original sounds a little boomy on my speakers. The mastered version took that away. The mastered version sounds a little compressed to me, which is good, sounds more professional, sort like a James Taylor tune. I would definitely get rid of the metronome /percussion sound in the background and go for a guitar/vocal only sound. I listened to both versions all the way thru and partly a couple of times. Very nice playing and singing by the way.
I'll have to listen to the two versions again and see if the mastered one grows on me. Regarding the metronome percussion, the original was recorded years ago when I was first fooling around with recording and I've since simplified things to just guitar and vocals, especially since I mostly post to Youtube now and record live using my Zoom Q3.

And thanks for the kind words about my playing.
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