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Originally Posted by Martin Maniac View Post
Doug Young says to use Audition. I agree with him.

Martin, no intent to claim that Audition is "better", but it is quite a bit simpler than Sonar, and you seem to be struggling with the extra complexity (which can be substantial in any serious DAW, whether it's Sonar, or Logic, or Pro Tools). Audition works fine, and is more streamlined for simple recording - it started life as a simple 2-track audio editor. It has some cool features for editing and analysis. Being both the artist and the recording engineer is a big challenge, you don't want all the mechanics of the process to get in the way of making the music. Either you have to really learn how your gear works, and understand the underlying flow - which Joseph is trying to help you with - or you can simplify things so it all goes away.

Frankly for what most people, including me, do, something like a Zoom recorder is more that sufficient. One button - push it and start playing! Just get the technology out of the way so you can make music. In any case, my suggestion is to get all the complex stuff out of the way, one way or another, until you find yourself interested enough, or with enough time to learn a more complex DAW. But I'm sure Sonar is an excellent recording system, for anyone who takes the time to learn it. Its just that you may not need all it offers.
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