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Default Was Learning To Use a Thumb Pick Difficult For You?

Yes, it has been, so I’ve never taken to it. In my 44 years of playing as an intermediate player, I’ve been a barefinger picker (up to using all fingers)/strummer. I’ve tried to use a thumb pick a few times and have never gotten the hang of it which in part may have something to do with not having tried to shape it in a way that I have no idea what shape would work for me. There’s an upstroke/downstroke approach that seems to elude me as well. I will try again and have chatted with some players here who do it well.

That said, if I ever do become comfortable with one, I still like the “meaty”, softer tone of a bare thumb and don’t want to be tethered to picks in general because I like the intimacy of using most/all of my picking thumb/fingers and don’t ever want to be caught in a situation where I have the opportunity to play someone else’s guitar when I didn’t expect it and the quality of my playing is dependent on a pick when I don’t happen to have one on me. I very much like the feeling of a “naked”, all finger approach and the ability to do it on any guitar, at any time.

I WILL try a thumb pick again at some point, hopefully to stick with it to have it as an option.
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