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Indeed I have

not the same kind of sitch but,..

this was my Fender Strat Plus

I had previously swapped out pickups from Lace Sensors to Texas Specials.

The pickup swap was done expertly, and I was good to go. Loved the change, and still like those pickups in a strat.

I made the mistake, of letting a tech do a shielding mod to quiet the 60 cy hum. It was the normal strat buzz, but if I could tame it, why not.

Well he screwed the pickups up to the point of literally no return. Among other blunders he did, he also soldered copper shield material over the windings, thus destroying the continuity of the windings, and dropping the ohms to the point where the guitar had about half the output it once had.

of course it was quiet now, because the pickups were like running at half the Henries they should have

so I paid him to screw it up, then had to buy another set of texas specials to replace the ones he massacred and install those.

He is still around and people still inquire if I can recommend him.

I don't bad mouth the dude, but I do suggest a word to wise, just find someone else, anyone else.

sorry your guitar got so screwed,

but not all techs are bumbling clowns, some of them are VERY good problem solvers.

you need one of them!

I have one, and they are worth their weight in whammy bars.
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