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Default New original: Wreck of the Belle Hill

Sorry, I realize this is a long song. I realize the whole 3-4 minutes is optimal thing, but since I am not planning to make any money and I doubt there will be "airplay", I'm really not too concerned. I wanted to tell a story, so I did!

As some background, I love Gordon Lightfoot and always thought it would be fun to write something along the lines of the Edmond Fitzgerald. I came across a story about the Belle Hill, which wrecked off the coast of Ireland in 1875. I thought it may be a nice story to write out in musical form. When the ship wrecked, two brothers, James and John Carton launched their little fishing boat to try and save people. Of the 16 crew, only one survived. The dead were buried on the beach, and today, people visit the graves and put a rock on the graves as a tribute and for good luck. I wanted to make this kind of a folk song but with a bit of sea shanty/chantey feel.

I appreciate any thoughts on the song.
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