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Originally Posted by JGinNJ View Post
Yeah, I don't know how George Benson or Pat Metheny get by playing a lowly Ibanez.
The first time I saw George Benson playing an Ibanez - a blonde Johnny Smith knockoff that sold for $475 w/HSC - was in 1977, at the Metropolitan Museum (NYC) Jazz Guitar Summit (Les Paul's first public appearance in 15 years BTW, and with Bucky Pizzarelli and Gabor Szabo also on the bill, an unforgettable evening). For those who may not be aware/have forgotten, archtops could be had for stupid-low prices in the early/mid-70's; while top-tier (L-5/Super 400) Gibsons always tended to be more expensive I personally played New York Epiphone Emperors and DeLuxes in the $450-600 range, D'Angelicos at $1200-1500, a Stromberg Master 400 at $900 (should've jumped on this one), a late-50's blonde Gretsch Eldorado 17" cutaway for $325 that I'm still kicking myself over - and although George could (and did) have any instrument he desired, that lawsuit Ibanez was his guitar of choice when going head-to-head with these legendary players. Although IMO the current GB model is grossly overpriced at $3600 street, those early Ibanez JS-style archtops are well-made guitars that command $2500+ (when and if available) on the basis of both construction and tone - and although my needs were very different at that time I should've followed my gut and bought one, if only on speculation...
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