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Originally Posted by Rex Tremende View Post
I'm starting to think about the radius dish. I had an incredibly interesting/useful conversation with Tracy at Luthier Supplier. What I've been able to understand about the Stahl Style 6 design is the braces are glued up under tension (I learned that from American Lutherie magazine (issue 112). So in that issue the radii are stated as 12' across the top and 10' across the bottom. But since its glued under tension there will be some spring back when it comes out of the dish. Getting a dish with a 7-8' radius is unlikely so I had an idea about making a skeleton dish out of baltic birch plywood. It would go into the go bar deck to glue the braces to the front and back sound boards. I know the proportions are inaccurate in my drawing, but it is just meant to convey an idea. Does it seem like this would work?
first shape the braces as you want. then use a compression pad under the back to force the plate to conform to your brace radii when gluing. you can use a go-bar deck or bessy clamps and runners -what ever works. easy to do. on my first i used a nice fluffy bath mat (new of course). the result is a back that is "built under tension"
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