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Default Printer Transfer to Headstock

I'm at the point of thinking about my unique headstock logo and have been considering different methods. Custom inlay is probably beyond where I am today. I was going to default to finding a waterslide decal producer and going that route. But then I started down the YouTube rabbit hole and am learning about the printed pictures to wood transfer process using something like Minwax Polycrilic as the transfer agent.

Most of the examples are shown on lighter woods. Most of my headstocks will be darker woods like EI Rosewood, Macassar Ebony, etc. I was thinking of a gold colored logo and am hoping that the transfer of gold onto dark wood using this process might work ok. Has anyone tried this and if so, any luck?

Also, any good recommendations to creating a more 'professional' looking font script versus just using the fonts provided on MS Word? I'm probably just looking for a logo design featuring my initials, but hoping for something that looks a bit more 'arty' than just their plain fonts provided.

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