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I feel so bad about your hand issues. I have wear and tear and I am happy I avoided surgery. I would search this forum for condition management.
There's also some orchestra professional musician arthritis searches too. Anything to do to ease the finger tendonitis, nerve entrapment and joint wear. Sometimes it is as simple as taking off a few months.

I remember one gig I had 30 years ago. I went to the bathroom and an old guitarist was in there warming his hands in the sink. He was real nice about sharing it's benefits. He also talked about taking 4 advils an hour before the gig. He would stretch driving over and ICE as soon as he could after his sets.

Now I am that old (63) guitarist. I have gone to 3 hand surgeons in town for my "trigger finger". I researched musician arthritis...etc...I have talked with other guitarists that had this "trigger finger" surgery. (BTW: they seem to call all finger joint issues this)...Well for me I am glad I went through a couple of real bad years and the last couple I am back doing "ok".

Now I have no opinion with your basal thumb bone on bone and any constant carpal numbness. I would think surgery would be a viable option. But just for little ol' me.... i wouldn't do the small finger joints. There are a number of tissue layers besides tendons that what I read and have learned anecdotally that are hard to help.

BTW: The above wax paraffin with multi layer wash cloth warmth therapy is wonderful. Also talk with your Dr.s about being a musician. I assume if you fuse your thumb at that degree that would aid guitar playing and I have heard of this.
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