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I am in the same exact situation but have been holding off for years, mine is the result of breaking my left hand in the service so VA wants to do that surgery on mine. The thought of not playing for up to six months is for me unbearable and will probably mean the end of my music as far as guitar is concerned. I practice every day and use a hot paraffin dip on my hands, do stretches and don't lift any heavy stuff trying to prolong the use of my hands. When I play I use a left thumb brace, of which I have several and it definitely helps.
Six months no play would be the end for me. If I lay off just a week I notice substantial loss of ability and it takes several hours to get back to normal, also in that long of a time I would forget a lot of the lines and stuff, would be a long road back and that's assuming the surgery works! Good luck with it hope all works out.
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