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Default Hand Surgery

I am facing hand surgery on my right hand, and then my left hand. I am right handed. The surgeon has a great reputation. He will do several things at the same time. He will fix my carpel tunnel, my trigger thumb, and my CMC joint (at the base of the thumb). He will not put in an artificial joint since they wear out much too soon. Instead he will cut a tendon in my forearm, drill a hole through the trapezium bone, weave the tendon through it and weave it around the CMC joint, and then reattach it.
The only thing he can do about the arthritis on my first thumb joint (the joint between the distal phalanx and the proximal phalanx) is to fuse it at a 10-15 degree angle. I am holding off on this since I would rather endure the pain than lose mobility.
Recovery time is 6 months.
I have tried cortisone shots every six months but in both joints in both hands but their effectiveness has diminished. The shots hurt like hell. It reminds me of when the dentist mistakenly hits a nerve when he injects Novocain.
Has anyone else had this extensive hand surgery? Has anyone had their first thumb joint fused?
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