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Originally Posted by Birdbrain View Post
Maybe it was different in your neck of the woods, but when I was in college in the early '70s, they filled stadiums, sharing a bill with a noted folk singer named "Bob." Rock radio frequently played tunes by Dylan, The Band, or both. It was one of Bob's most popular periods, too.

It's proof of The Band's deep legacy that we're two pages in before even mentioning, "they played with Dylan."
Or fwiw, even earlier as The Hawks backing the lesser known Rompin’ Ronnie Hawkins (who, as an American is a legend in Canada). Actually, Ronnie occasionally visits his nephew in the SW Florida community where my wife and I spend our winters. In fact, last winter season while I was washing my car at the community washing station, he and his nephew drove by in a golf cart. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting him though. He’s really old now.
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