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I am another fan of tThe Band and I'll demonstrate how deeply they affected me with this little anecdote.
One evening in 1969 a room-mate and I were sitting around listening to CHUM -FM and heard that the much anticipated second album of The Band had just been released in the U.S. and that A&A Records had a small batch of American pressings available. The Canadian pressing was not done yet so Dave and I looked at each other and said "Let's go!" We lived in the Yorkville area(think Haight-Ashbury) and RAN the approx. 1 mile to A&A and bought a copy,
which I still own.
Needless to say that disc has more than a few pops and crackles but it ain't going no where as Bob Dylan might say.
Such was their influence on some of us back in the day.And still is.
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