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Not sure how you personally define "small body archtop". I have been gravitating towards smaller body archtops for sometime now. For me, since the majority of classic archtops are 16" to 17" at the lower bout, I consider 14.5" to 15" small bodied.

Below are three that I have acquired over the years

1. Ibanez GB40TH - 14.5" lower bout, 2-5/8" body depth (at the rim)
2. Eastman AR603CE-15 - 15" lower bout, 2-3/4" body depth
3. Ibanez Artcore United AG195 - 14.5" lower bout, 2-3/4" body depth
(Whoops! Corrected body depth measurements.)

All three sound wonderful. They feel so comfortable to hold as well. Of course, to each his/her own.

You can get an Ibanez AG for $400 on eBay give or take.

Good luck in your search.

“Sometimes you have to play a long time to be able to play like yourself”
— Miles Davis.

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