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Originally Posted by Melt in the Sun View Post
Hi all
Re: honey vs. vinegar, it's not my intent to bash and was more a question of whether these things are normal, and how realistic my expectations are.

I don't buy and sell a lot of guitars and am not normally one to go over things with a microscope either. I went to noodle up near the 24th fret (because hey, 24 frets! cool!), noticed the dots, looked a little closer, more angry than I should have allowed myself.

I wish I could claim that I never sent any sloppy or not-quite-finished work out to clients...but I have. I wish I could claim I'll never do it again, but I probably will. When you stare at things all day for weeks, your eyes glaze over. I totally understand that.

I'll leave the photos and discussion up, and look forward to updating everyone with good news.
You misunderstood my comment! I don't think you are bashing them at all! I think as long as you approach Alistair in a friendly resolve oriented manner it will be fine, that what I meant by honey vs vinegar, not your post!

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