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Originally Posted by gerardo1000 View Post
Didn't know that Peavey Cargos have a carbon fiber rod inside the neck. But... isn't the WHOLE neck made of carbon fiber ?...
The neck could be epoxy cut with a filler (plain epoxy is too expensive and probably not as hard as it would be with an additive such as silica) wrapped in CF soaked with epoxy like a RainSong. It might also be hollow like the construction of the body. All of this is impossible to know without dissection :~).

My guess is it is hollow and was not quite as stiff as they needed for full scale guitars with light or heavier strings. The easiest way to make it stiffer and not disturb the rest of the manufacturing process too much must have been to add reinforcement via precast CF rods or bars. I am aware that Blackbird has mentioned doing something similar for some of their older models no longer in production. Luthier's Mercantile stocks this kind of product for wooden guitars.

However if you run across a pre-Peavey CA guitar and the neck looks right there is no reason to prefer the new design. Think of the bars as adding design margin that they did not know they absolutely needed for any particular guitar until the guitar was strung up and too late to fix.
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