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Originally Posted by noledog View Post
Hi Kev,

Well I use my effects sparingly & as full-time solo guy I like to phaten up the sound a bit thus the Carbon Copy. I've used other delays and there is even one on the Loudbox Performer, but the digital types are ok for vox but I prefer analog for I found the MXR CC very warm, easy to dial in a nice delay.
It can do the crazy Pink Floyd stuff too, but I set it with no regeneration, 50% mix and just enough delay to add depth to chording; and for this it is very effective and sounds great; especially for my reggae style.
I like MXR's rugged case, quiet/true bypass switch and the added modulation feature is nice for certain songs if you want a chorus-like effect without sounding too chorusy if that makes sense. The only thing is with the modulation feature, you have to open the bottom case plate to adjust the two small sweep/time screws.

For more spacey/airy sounding stuff/soloing I use the Seraphim, which I love.
So if my description fits what you are trying to achieve, the Carbon Copy will serve you well, it's a proven piece I really like.

Here's lil' live clip of some reggae rhythm with a lil' riff in middle where you can hear the slight delay in both chording and riff/harmonics. No reverb jus' Carbon Copy delay & I'm using Fishman Performer's digital delay for my vox, again no reverb...hope this helps & you don't have to login to play video.

Signal path: Takamine > wireless > Carbon Copy > Fishman amp DONE!

Cheers Kev,

Thanks for the reply. I have not actually ever used any pedals for the 50 some odd years I have been playing acoustic. But just this last " Black Friday" I jumped with both feet in to electric guitar and am putting together a few pedals for that, and thinking I may also start to use it for acoustic. Thanks again.
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