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Originally Posted by Bruce Sexauer View Post
I may be an unusually picky customer, but I have had issues with every kind of tuner I've ever used except Rodgers, and they are too expensive to use as a standard tuner on my guitars and are reserved for customer upgrade. Besides, the Rodgers doesn't look right to me on a vintage American style guitar, which the GrandTune certainly does.

GrandTune has a press in ferrel like on a Waverly rather that screw in guide like a Schaller M6.
1) Bruce, although you may indeed be "unusually" picky, I don't think at all that your pickiness is too picky. People who know me also know how persnickity I am, and I pick up on small details similar to what you mention. Paying attention to these small details defines the difference between very good and excellent.

2) I have used Jorg Graf's hand-made tuners on one of the classical guitars I built. Those tuners are FANTASTIC!! But like you stated about the Rodgers tuners, they are just too expensive as a standard tuner.

3) Glad to know the GrandTunes have ferrules. Too bad they are not screw in (which I prefer), but interesting enough that I might try them sometime on a future guitar.

Thanks for reporting your experience with them.

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