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I have used a dozen sets on my guitars at this point. Like all new whatever there have been some teething issues. Some of the first production run have issues with excessive backlash from a technical POV, but the tuners are so smooth on the take up that as long as there is tension on the string, the issue is so transparent that there is no apparent problem. I have also seen two individual tuners that had a rough feel to them. Schaller has warranted these without complaint. Now there is a second generation production run. I have another bunch of tuners ordered and paid for which should arrive any day. They do claim to have addressed the issues I have pointed out to them.

I may be an unusually picky customer, but I have had issues with every kind of tuner I've ever used except Rodgers, and they are too expensive to use as a standard tuner on my guitars and are reserved for customer upgrade. Besides, the Rodgers doesn't look right to me on a vintage American style guitar, which the GrandTune certainly does.

GrandTune has a press in ferrel like on a Waverly rather that screw in guide like a Schaller M6.
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