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I was a bit surprised that the Eugene, Oregon, GC had 3 of 'em sitting around... very glad I got one!

Reading the manual, this is quite an impressive little piece of gear... it will do a lot, that's for sure. May take a while to get a handle on the thing, but I'll figure it out!

Does anyone know if you have to order online to get the Tascam rebate coupon? The young man who sold it to me didn't know anything about it... on the GC website, there was a place to download the rebate coupon, but I didn't see anything in the box. Since I bought mine at an actual store, does that mean I'm cut out of the rebate, or can I just print one off the 'net and use that? (I'll have to drop by a friend's house to use their printer...)

Anyway, it looks like a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to seeing what sort of sound the recordings have... any other recording tips would be appreciated!
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