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Originally Posted by pszy22 View Post
Thanks, I think. Didn't know I wanted one of these until I saw your post, but a good deal is hard to pass up.

Your recording sounded awesome, both content and format.

Any tips on how to set up the recorder? Do you just set it on a convenient counter? Do you aim it at the guitar, how close?

I don't play anywhere near as good as you do, but I'd be extremely happy if my sound capture sounded any near as good as yours.

thanks again,

Regarding this recording and the second one I added today (The Weary Kind), I bought some new shoestrings tied them around the recorder and it then made a necklace of sorts out of it, the mics/recorder top are dangling about five inches from my chin. I played the song Beaumont seated in my favorite chair where I always play when I'm at home.

Copied the .wav files to my PC and then used Audacity just to cut out the parts I didn't want (did not use any of Audacity's effects, but if you wanted to add a little reverb you could do some fun post processing things with it and Audacity is free software available for both Mac and Windows).

Kept it lossless format to retain quality, uploaded to soundcloud lossless and let soundcloud compress. That's all.

Look forward to hearing some of your stuff!

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