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I'm embarrassed to describe my setup after seeing all the nice setups here...

What's your studio/recording space like?

Just a regular living room or home/office room depending on what's available when I want to record.

What are your goals for recording your acoustic music?

To share with friends and family. Realize the vision I have for my songs that I can't communicate as a solo act.

What kind of music do you like to play/record?

Singer/songwriter originals. A few covers.

Is your studio space treated? How?


What's in your mic locker?

MXL 990.

Computer-based or standalone recorder?


Recorder? DAW? Interface? Preamp? FX? Plug-in's? Ext. HD's for storage? Monitors? Headphones? Power amp? Controller/mixer or completely ITB? Cables? Mic stands? etc. Whatever you use.

Mbox 2 Mini plugged into my MacBook Pro using GarageBand. This weekend I replaced the Mbox 2 Mini with a PreSonus AudioBox USB 2x2. Backup everything to portable hard drive and USB flash drive. Headphones are Apple EarPods. XLR cable for the mic, Musician's Gear tripod mic stand with telescoping boom.

Favorite mic pattern/placement for recording acoustic guitar?

4-5 inches from the 12th fret rotated 45 degress toward the sound hole.

New gear you have your eye on?

None at the moment.

How has home recording evolved for you?

Started about 4 years ago. My recordings started off very simple with a single vocal track and single guitar track. Over the years I've gotten much more proficient with GarageBand, adding complexity and detail to my songs, and now each song has multiple vocal and guitar tracks - and sometimes strings - in the final mix.

The SoundCloud link in my signature has a bunch of stuff I've recorded with this setup if anyone is inclined to check it out.

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