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Default My Studio

NT5 set
M3 Set

Audio Technica
AT-3035 Matched Set

F-15 x 3 ( for Location stuff)

Zoom R16
Zoom H4n
Roland R44 ( not the Edirol Version , The actual Roland Made in Japan version)
Macbook Pro

Mic Preamps:
TL Audio 5051
Focusrite Twintrak Pro
Self Made Stereo Mic pre (9 Volt Powered)
Self Made Mono Mic Pre (9 Volt Powered )
Stereo Phantom Power Supply that runs on 9 volts
Am Building an 18 volt powered one

Mixer = Mackie 1202VLZ3 Modified( Upgrades from a Japanese tech guy I know)

Software :

Presonus Studio One
DSP Quattro
Bias Peak
Cubase 5
Sound Devices Wave Agent

Here I have to Plug someone , Eareckon ,..... You MUST get this stuff

I have the Whole analogue suite and the Reverb
The CS87 Strip is one of my Go To plugs .

I basically record other people . I want to record me , but still trying to get that aspect of my life working right .

I do location recording , Mastering , and have done some Internet Commercial stuff here in Japan .

The Videos on this website I did the Boom Work, Sound Recording and After processing on the Voiceovers , The Background music and After Voiceovers was added by the Videographer .

Location recording , and After processing involves Gathering the Sound , then Removing all the Extemporaneous noise like AC Units , Electrical , anything that gets in the way of the dialouge .

Then Wave Agent to retag the files with proper Video Timing and Frame rate info .

But I am jealous of Dougs Shoeps .......

I have to get some Peluso mics

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