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Default More on Braces


Let's stay on braces a little longer.

I have some unique brace designs that I feel add to the sound of my guitars.
First would be the profile. I believe this profile gives me the best brace to soundboard adhesion surface area and also provides more resistance to the twisting forces you get when using lattice bracing.

I use a pretty complex mitre joint where braces cross. This eliminates the extra weight of having a box type joint. I also eliminates the hard spots you get from over-built joints. Again, this helps in voicing the guitar and getting predictable results from lattice bracing.

Finally, none of this is of any help unless the time is taken to be sure that we have tight fit.

The brace height is determined during the voicing proccess and each joint is then finally capped for additional strength.

Thank you for viewing. Comments are welcome.
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