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Originally Posted by BEJ View Post
Mark, looks like we have some great builds to follow here. Your other build thread had some great work and pics to help someone like me to learn alittle about approach and methods of work, thanks for sharing this.

As a long time woodworker I know what you mean by not wanting to resaw that koa and let someone who does it better do it, sometimes hard for us to admit someone else can do it better.

What a great piece of wood, almost seems like sacrilege to put a saw blade to it. But someone had to have the courage to do it, now it will serve a higher purpose, other than just looking fantastic! OMG what a hunk of wood.

Thanks for your comments Bruce,

I see you've just signed up to the forum-Welcome! There are a lot of great builds that get displayed here.
Your right about sending the board out to someone else. It was such a great piece and I just didn't want to risk not getting a maximum yield. My only regret is I didn't have it sent from Hawaii to California where it was resawed. It would have saved 6,000 miles of travel if I didn't have it come to me in NJ first! I guess I couldn't wait to see it.
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