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Originally Posted by Ivob View Post
uf, it's gonna be very sexy body funny, i've just been reading a book about Hawai, there's one whole chapter about plants and a lot of about koa trees (no mention about the use for music instruments . there are some pictures of koa with bizzare multiple trunks of which i would never say that they could be used for guitars... is it hard to find koa tress with a trunk(s) suitable for guitars?
Thanks Ivan,

Koa wood has been used for musical instruments (along with many other things) for quite a while. I think gnarled and twisted trees make more interesting pictures and that's probably why those pictures were chosen for your book (as well as the picture I posted) Koa trees usually grow pretty straight. Here are some young ones in a stand along the road;

Koa trees grow fast and huge. They have been over harvested though, and grazing farm animals tend to kill them by eating the bark off. Luckily, there is a strong movement in Hawaii to replant the trees and, as I said, they grow fast.

By the way, I checked out your You-Tube link. Your a fabulous guitar player!
Thanks for putting that up.
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