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Originally Posted by JHacker View Post
Wow cool - did I read your post correctly that you burned the Koa to make that darkened effect?

Another question. In your prior post, it looks like you did rough cuts around your top and back shapes. How do you then get perfect edges down to size? Just sanding?
Thanks. Yes, I just burned it a bit to darken it. I'll do the same thing around the edge of the Koa headplate. This torching certainly isn't anything new on my part, Bashkin immediately comes to mind, he has been doing this to wonderful effect for a while now.
As far as cutting the tops and bottoms down to size, this is typically done after they are glued down to the sides. From there you run a flush cut router bit around. Actually, there are a few tricks in doing that. Check in on the building section before trying it at home!
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