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Originally Posted by Doug Young View Post
There's a bit more to it than that :-) How are your room acoustics, for example? What is this "pencil condenser"? And that is far from the only placement that can work. You have to experiment. A fraction of an inch can change the sound. What's the rest of your recording chain? Strings can change the sound, your pick can dramatically change the sound. how you play can affect your sound. Your guitar can affect the sound, but for pop rhythm guitar, an 814 should be pretty darn near perfect.
Glad you bring that up... I guess where I am going with this thread is - Is it worth it to get a 614ce to record or can I achieve the same results with my 814 and LV03?

Investigating a little more I found this video which is pretty helpful...

BUt I still don't know if I should pull the trigger on a 614ce. It seems that I should go with a cheaper option of improving my setup.... ?
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