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Originally Posted by Herb Hunter View Post
Is the opening post a request for how to make satisfying recordings with the guitars at hand or a question about which wood combinations result in a guitar that is easy to record?

If it is the former, it would be helpful to know what specific microphones were used to produce the disappointing recordings and how the mics were positioned relative to the guitar in order to provide suggestions on how to make better recordings.
Hi HH, the post is about the wood combination that is easiest to record for clear/fat defines strums.

Originally Posted by rick-slo View Post
It is mostly how you record (gear, using the gear you have). You can get good recordings with a wide variety of guitars having different price points, body sizes and wood combos. Of course I am not saying the guitar recorded does not make a difference but it sounds like from your post you have some other issues to deal with that make or break recording sound.
Perhaps. For the recordings that I don't like I am using a pencil condenser at the 12th fret about 4-6 inches away....
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