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Default Choosing a Recording Guitar

For those of you who have experience recording and have been doing this for a while amateur or professionally...

I was talking a listen to my recordings and I'm not crazy about the way they sound. My question is more related to the material of the guitars and teh body shape (if you have clips that would be great to hear too).

I have two acoustic guitars and this is what I have found:
814ce (RW / Spruce): It sounds too thin and somewhat muddy. Not sure how the pro's do it since there was an issue on Wood&Steel about this one guy doing all his recordings with the 814ce.... ? Anyone here has any clips?
Larrivée LV-03e (Mahogany / Spruce): I like this sound better but it doesn't have the 'oomph' that I am looking for. It does come close clarity wise.

I have seen WALNUT and MAPLE record well.
I do mostly strumming (not fingerpicking or flatpicking)
My style is Rock/Pop/Alternative

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