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Like others have mentioned, (many) years ago I began by playing easy songs from books full of folk songs (or Beatles).

About 20 years ago I wrote a tutorial for my sister who didnít live nearby but wanted to learn. Not sure itís what youíre looking for (itís kind of like those Amazon links you posted) but youíre welcome to have a look. Itís on a website that also houses my songbook which has over 900 songs, including a version just for beginners, and the songs include a link to a recording of the song so you can play along. It would give you tons of practice. Itís all free - just my way of giving back.

The link is below; have a look if youíre interested. And stick with it. Donít expect to get good overnight but itíll come if youíre patient and willing to practice.


(P.S. +1 for Justin Sandercoe for on-line lessons. Marty Schwartz is pretty good too.)
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