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You rarely see a top-of-the-line archtop in such poor shape - as I stated in an unrelated post, I've seen 200-year-old violins in far better condition than this 40-year-old piece - and IME that's a matter of owner attitude. I started as a jazzer in the early-60's, and when I was taking lessons I was taught that you respect your instrument as you respect yourself: the only places on a correctly-handled guitar that should show fingerprints are the neck and tuner buttons - and you wipe those off as soon as you're done playing. I'm thinking this was bought by some '70s hair-rocker looking to do the Nugent thing, and he proceeded to beat it to crap; that's a newer case, BTW - which also tells a story in itself for a guitar of this type. In a nutshell, I wouldn't touch it at any price - you'd do better buying a new Eastman 910CE and installing a Johnny Smith-style dual-pickup pickguard, for similar (and probably less) overall money...
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