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Originally Posted by nickv6 View Post
There's a tuition video on Travis picking by that French guitarist who was brilliant but sadly died young.
He states quite clearly that you'll have to learn to do it to get that Travis sound.
I've seen Thom bresh talk about it too.
Marcel something was the French chaps name.
Generally, I've seen lots of people do it and learned to do it myself too.
Marcel Dadi - Sadly, he was killed in the Flight 800 explosion over Long Island in 1996.

Very good video, but I find it difficult to listen through Marcel's accent.

I believe the closest lesson to Merle Travis' style is Thom Bresh's video from Homespun - "Like Father, Like Son" As you may know, Bresh is Travis' son. Bresh shows Merle's style to be very loose and free, you just have to know Travis' unique fingering. His techniques show it can be a lot easier than the tab makes it appear to be once you see the tricks that Merle used.


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