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Originally Posted by sam.spoons View Post
IME Gypsy Jazz players don't play two bass notes with one finger but often mute the A string with the finger that is fretting the low E. They do play the D and G strings with a flattened ring finger on some chords, echoing the technique developed by Django to take account of his damaged fingers* but I don't think that is what you are suggesting is it?

* Django's ring and little fingers were badly burned and partially fused together so he played lead with just his first and second fingers but could use the others to play chords. He played mostly three note chord voicings but did have some four note chords.
I'm not sure but I've found a guy that talks about it, not explaining thoroughly sadly. Check the minute 2:27
Now thats the only thing i could find but i've seen tommy emmanuel do it and talk about it. Anyway i dont think there is really a way to do it other than working hard on it.
I'm sure you dont have to be conservative about the forum.
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