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Default Is there anything more basic than "Barebones"?

Interesting thread......glad it got brought back up to the top. I probably shouldn't even be reading this subforum, let alone posting on it, as i am only a small step or two beyond feeding a kid's cassette recorder's mic into my guitar's soundhole...

I have a Blue "Snowball" USB mic, which i've set on the top surface of a small wooden cd rack turned on its end to get the correct height. I sit in a squeaky vinyl office chair with intrusive arms.

Since the mic is tethered to the desktop computer, and the computer is in the basement, that's my recording room. Carpet, with paneling and sort of a spongy drywallesque walling......and a huge double sliding-glass door separating me from the back yard. No sound treatment, to say the last.

That's it. Point and shoot, plug and play. I have an acoustic guitar, a usb mic and a computer with one speaker, so i 'mix' with a pair of throwaway walkman headphones. DAW is Reaper, which for a newbie can be unfriendly at times but we're getting along better over time.

I've only had the mic for less than two years, and have taken up fingerstyle in that time, so much of what i record is played that way. Very infrequent covers, mostly all original creations. Don't know how to describe it musically, as it's not bluegrass or celtic or weepy folk or newagey Windham Hill-y, nor ambient nor hard's just me playing around on my guitar. Never furiously fast, nor coma-inducingly slow.....usually just kinda.....moderately paced.

Here is my most-recent one:

Typically it's just one track of solo guitar, but one of my favorite things about being able to record is learning about layering and multitracking. It's been a bunch of fun and a real learning experience, and it's certainly enhanced my creativity and expanded how i think about composing/creating.

At this point it's just for me and a handful of patient, understanding listeners. But somehow one day i would love to share what i write with others. I come up with something new almost daily, and if nothing else, just being able to record and document these musical thoughts is a real blessing.

Thanks for the thread, and for reading.

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