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Originally Posted by Scott Whigham View Post
I have cheap and expensive pres - give me an "assignment" and I can run something through the pres. I know, however, that the internet is unforgiving - no matter what/how I do it, someone will complain "It wasn't right" or "Nope, not even close".

Tell me, step by step, exactly what you want me to do and I'll do it. If you want, I can reamp electric guitar through my MW1 which IMO would make it more obvious if there is a difference. There could be no doubt as to the difference (if any) in pres in that regard.

You be the navigator and I'll drive.
Thanks for the offer, Scott. In this post I describe the procedure that I like to use:

The passive splitter I use is the Coleman Audio LS3 Wow, did I really pay $100 for this little box of switches?? I think it was less when I got mine, but I needed a way to switch monitor chains and my earliest interfaces didn't provide it.

Doug Young offers an alternative with a very useful twist:

Using two mics, even very fine and closely matched mics like a pair of Schoeps, would reasonably be expected to introduce more variability than a pair of transparent preamps, since transducers are orders of magnitude less linear than modern electronics. But he compensates for this with his four way comparison - clever guy. I would add reference tones to his procedure and go that way before I'd spend a bunch on a splitter, but if you have some kind of splitter available, using a single mic simplifies things a bit.

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