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Originally Posted by SpruceTop View Post
Thanks, Tony, for your V-Class experience. Although I've only played a 317e and the 717e V-Class I recently bought, your experience with your new K14ce V-Class mirrors my V-Class experience. I had a 2013 K14ce ES1.3 that sounded superb and I'm sure your new V-Class version sounds even better. Koa is a magical tonewood that sounds different but great from the get-go!
With all the discussions around here about V-class, I am going to have to go to Guitar Center when I get home next week and try a variety of V-class Taylors. A K14ce Builder's Edition is a rather elite and expensive guitar.

I have played the new Taylor V-class 814ce and 914ce, and was not moved enough to want to buy either. I will be curious about different models across their line and with different tone wood combinations.

Our local Guitar Center stores (three of them these days) carry much of the product line, but seem to stop before the K14ce. I bought mine while on vacation here in Arkansas. The one I have is the only one I have played, so I don't know how much variability there may be in the "magical" quality I hear in mine.

I do agree that there is something about Koa. A few years ago when I attended the Taylor Road Show at one of our local Guitar Centers, the guitar that really jumped out at me among those they brought for us to play with, was a Koa model though I can't recall which one. I think it was at the level that they now call Builder's Edition though. I don't remember what they called it then. That was before V-class, but during the time they changed their bracing just a little bit. Later, I wished I had bought that guitar, so am very happy to have found this one instead.

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