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Default Final Shots

I've done the final setup on this Greta and it's about ready to be shipped off. I took some final shots to show some more of the details;

It has a Macassar Ebony head plate to go with the Macassar custom tuner buttons.

There is a body wedge for a little more playing comfort;

This neck joins the body at the 13th fret position and you can see the gold Evo frets;

The Macassar Ebony trim includes the binding which worked out quite well as a rosewood replacement. It's a bit harder to bend but, because it's harder wood it actually makes for a better, more protective binding;

Inside that top binding is the softer layers of purfling consisting of soft maple, black wood, and Black Walnut. This type of purfling set up provides a bit of cushion between the harder binding and the softer Sitka top;

This guitar is to compliment a couple rosewood guitars by bringing it's Maple characteristics into the mix.
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