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Originally Posted by yoni View Post
You are literally the only person causing me gas.
Thanks yoni!

Originally Posted by jessupe View Post
Super duper amazing, mind blown, perhaps the prettiest mean looking guitar I've ever seen.
Thank you jessupe! Prettiest mean looking guitar-- that's great

Originally Posted by ross748 View Post
Love the combination Mark ��
Thanks! I did the first guitar in this combination as a client request. Tasteful client, that one! I'm glad I have more of these Black Ebony sets

Originally Posted by Zandit75 View Post
Mark, that is absolutely gorgeous!!
That last picture you posted with the arty overlay looks it could be your new company logo, I love it!!
One question, the Bass E string looks to be very close to the edge of the fretboard, is that just an illusion from the angle it was taken, or is that normal for your designs? I'd imagine there is not much heavy string bending done on your masterpieces!
Thanks Zandit75! Amazing the things you can do with an I-phone app.
I suppose the photo angles and the black binding on the fretboard against a black background makes the low E look closer than it is. It's on the money at 1/8th" center in from the edge at the nut.

I set this guitar up specifically for fingerstyle playing. I went a little wider at the nut at 1 13/16ths". The saddle spacing is 2 1/4". The raised fretboard makes the upper frets more accessible and the strings feel more available for picking. I hope to get some sound samples up in the next couple weeks to show this guitar is not all looks!
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