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Hi GirlNextDoor

Welcome to the AGF!

I have owned an LL-35 and it was fantastic. I currently own a L-20A which is the next model up from the L-15 you mentioned. Again that guitar would be fantastic as well.

You could not go wrong with either guitar, and both will sound fairly similar. Now, the LL-35 is made of "Jacaranda" rosewood. Jacaranda is a nick name that Yamaha has used for many types of exotic rosewoods including Brazilian and Madagascar and Coral rosewoods, all of which Yamaha has used since the late 60's early 70's on their upper end models. The LL-35 that I owned appeared to be made with Madagascar Rosewood. The L-15's are made with Indian Rosewood. They will both sound similar, with maybe...MAYBE...the Indian Rosewood L-15 sounding a touch smoother and warmer/deeper...MAYBE.

Either guitar is really equally well made. If you are buying online, I would go with whichever looks better to you, just basic aesthetics, and/or whichever seems in better shape or is a better price, or any combination of factors thereof.

You WILL NOT go wrong with either!!! They are both really superb guitars, and I would stay with one of those two over the LL-16 and even the LL-26, though the LL-26 is also on par quality wise with the LL-35 and L-15.

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