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Originally Posted by GuitarLuva View Post
Also, take a look at Jon's last post. His IR sounds fantastic with the HFN. I used his IR on my Godin Metropolis with HFN and got amazing results. His IR (IMO) gives more of the mic character and a fuller sound compared to the normal Tonedexter training. I tested it in a DAW first and was so happy with it that I copied it over in a Tonedexter slot. I really plan on exploring his IR with more guitars and pickup combos when I get the time. I suggest you give it a try!
Could I quote this on the Acoustic Amplification thread?

When I started this project 6 months ago all I wanted was to be able to independently generate IRs for my HX Stomp (and not have to bother Cuki79 everytime I bought a guitar or pickup).

I'm hoping this IR generator takes off and is the Linux of acoustic guitar IRs. Probably irrational... but at least it is really open, open source.

I gigged yesterday with my CH-PA and one of my IRs. I found in performance that same low and high cut I like without an IR still added value. Yesterday's performance (I've only been able to generate IRs for a few weeks at this point) was the most happy I've ever been with my amplified tone. I also use a bit of plate reverb and the LA compressor for single note solo boost.
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