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I will also take the time to share some findings. I too use the HFN and it really became far and beyond my favorite pickup. In my wooden guitars it sounds fantastic, no issues at all. In my Emeralds with that pickup there's some weird stuff going on which I will try and explain the best I can. The X20 is not as bad but the X30 it's very noticeable. It's like the soundboard is too sensitive for a SBT. I first noticed this with my original X30 that came with the Anthem. Luckily having an offset soundhole gives you the ability to just reach in and play around with placement without having to remove the strings. I found by removing the tru mic off the soundboard changed the response of the guitar. I later found the same thing with the HFN. This will probably sound weird to most people which is understandable but I'm not imagining this. Even though the weight of the bags mic and the HFN are really low they definitely impact the soundboard, at least on my guitars. It's for this very reason that I ordered my latest X30 with the Barbera Soloist in saddle pickup. It doesn't sound anywhere close to as good as the HFN but with Tonedexter, you can make that pickup sound amazing.

I wish I still had my Rainsong or at least access to one so I can compare the soundboards in thickness and response. I know Jon has the HFN in his 3 Rainsongs with no issues. Here's a little test you can do on your Emerald, just strum a chord or note or anything at all and while it's ringing just take one finger and gently press all around the soundboard and carefully listen. On my Emeralds what I hear amazes me! Very sensitive soundboards, which I love by the way, I did the same comparison on my wood guitars and they're nowhere near as responsive.

On the X30 that I gave to my uncle I installed the tru mic on the bottom of the guitar which worked out pretty good. With some basic EQ it sounded nice.

Also, take a look at Jon's last post. His IR sounds fantastic with the HFN. I used his IR on my Godin Metropolis with HFN and got amazing results. His IR (IMO) gives more of the mic character and a fuller sound compared to the normal Tonedexter training. I tested it in a DAW first and was so happy with it that I copied it over in a Tonedexter slot. I really plan on exploring his IR with more guitars and pickup combos when I get the time. I suggest you give it a try!
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