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Are you still using the HFN?

In my RainSongs I am using an (homemade ToneDexter like) IR with my HFNs but I find the HFNs on their own to be very usable with a simple low cut (50 Hz) and high cut (9 kHz), which a RedEye is not able to do BTW.

Here is the thread announcing my free IRs for any pedal with an IR loader:

The approach I'm taking with the IR generator is to leverage the enormous math overkill available on a PC or Mac to avoid a difficult to debug more complex approach. It generates a neutral IR that focuses on making the pickup sound like the mic without also needing low/high cut filters, complex decisions on what part of your sample to use for the IR, or EQ to remove bass boost. Here is Doug Young's review:

ToneDexter is a very well made and complete solution.

Both those threads have rambled on for many pages and the important stuff is on page one.
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