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Default Tonedexter and Emerald - finally good tone

I love the tone of my Emerald X20 unamplified. On the other hand, I have struggled to find a pickup that gave anything close to what I wanted in an amplified tone. I started with the Baggs Element, which sounded too bass heavy and muddy. At the time I had a Fishman Mini amp, and thought that may be the I upgraded to a Fishman Artist amp - better sound, but not great. Then I went to the K&K, which was better, but still not great. Then I went to the Schatten HFN, and added a RedEye preamp...still better but no cigar.

So today the Tonedexter (my new toy) and I created my first wavemap with the my inexpensive, dynamic, cardioid mike. Now, my X20 hooked through the Tonedexter/wavemap to my amp sounds very close to the natural sound of my X20. Finally. Thank you, Tonedexter.

Guess I could have saved some $ by jumping right to the last step, first.
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