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Originally Posted by beninma View Post
Sleepwalk by Santo & Johnny was the song my teacher used to introduce me to 6/8.
Good one.
Originally Posted by beninma View Post
The other instruments in a mix can make it really obvious. Drummer only accenting 4.. toms on 1-2-3 then snare on 4 then toms on 5-6 and maybe the bass player is accenting 1. That can really telegraph it.
Right. The snare sets the triplets in pairs: "1-2-3-4-2-3".

Even where the "1-2-3" might feel like a waltz (3/4), when those threes get set into pairs it's usually better to make it 6/8, so the quarters become 8ths, even if it makes the 8ths quite slow (much slower than an Irish jig).

The point being that the "1" and the "4" feel like the beats - like it's a slow rhythm "in 2", not a fast "1-2-3" in 3. Two bars of 3/4 is six beats. A bar of 6/8 is only two beats.

Here's an example of what I'd call a slow 6/8:
The bpm is 50 (beat = dotted quarter). Set the metronome to 150 (for the 8ths, or for quarters in 3/4) and it doesn't feel right at all! That's fast!
The alternative would be to make it 6/4, with a dotted half-note as the beat (dotted half-notes at 50).
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