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Originally Posted by beninma View Post
Sleepwalk by Santo & Johnny was the song my teacher used to introduce me to 6/8.

It is a lot easier to feel the difference in accents in person than it is to try and explain it or understand it from a book or the internet.

That waltz feel thing with 3/4.. I think everyone understands that. 6/8 is not that.

Once you get it you can feel it listening to songs and can tell when they're 6/8 vs 3/4. If a song comes on in the background that is 6/8 on the radio or something it will catch my attention at this point.

Norwegian Wood was mentioned.. I agree that one is not real obvious with the feel/accents. I want to hear it as 3/4 when I listen to it.

The other instruments in a mix can make it really obvious. Drummer only accenting 4.. toms on 1-2-3 then snare on 4 then toms on 5-6 and maybe the bass player is accenting 1. That can really telegraph it.
I'm picking up my Gretsch from the shop today. I am going to work on this song this weekend. I didn't realize it was 6/8 until you mentioned the drum pattern. Hmmm...sounds like a one man band project for me. Your are correct. The drummer will telegraph a 6/8. he will also telegraph a 12/8 too if you listen for triplets on the hat or ride cymbal. I play the 12/8 on a lot of slow blues.
Just an old drum playing guitarist now.
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