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Originally Posted by Pickcity View Post
I haven't shopped for a mandolin in a long while, but when I was shopping I was impressed with the Eastmans. I am certain a good one can be had within her budget. If I were on the search and $700 was my budget, the Eastmans would be the first I would look at.

I can only recommend what I have played. Of course there are some great vintage instruments that are also available. As a gift, I suppose she is looking to purchase a new one...?
Here is an Eastman, in Meadowood Music shop (Pa):
I haven't seen an Eastman, but I've heard a lot of good things about them.

Trinity College is around that price, with a hardshell case - again, I haven't had one, but I've got their Irish Bouzouki on order.....

There is an "other stringed instruments" forum on this website that might reach a few different mando aficionados....
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