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Originally Posted by Marais View Post
Hopefully my reply is better late than never.

For lutes in that price range, the only supplier I know of is the Early Music Shop in the UK. I know that Lark in the Morning carries them in the US, but I think there are a few other places that do, too.

I have one of these lutes (from 2005 or so) and if they're still as bad as mine, I would strongly warn against getting one.

The setup is almost unusable. The fit of the pegs is comically bad. You can see daylight through the gaps. I looked into getting it professionally set up once (maybe 10 years ago), but luthiers who know their way around a lute are few and far between and it looked like it would cost almost as much as the instrument itself (still less than they charge for them now, though).

That said, they may well have improved their quality since then, but I haven't seen any newer lutes from them to know one way or another.

Another place to check would be the Lute Society of America. They have a lute rental program and they link to a private sale listing site.
Thank you this is very helpful
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