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Originally Posted by Neal View Post
Beautiful M-2. Have both the Flatbucker and the Slimline. 2 National slimlines, 1 Flatbucker. As nice as the Flatbucker is, it's a chunk more expensive, and I'd be curious as to your comparison. Love the National pickups, btw.

My Flatbucker is on an Estralita, and the Slimlines are on an Estralita 12 string and an M-1 12 string.
Unless you recently acquired your Slimlines this is a different pickup. The original thinlines were made by LACE, this one is made by Villex. The output on these is less hot than the LACE and sounds considerably different. It's closer in sound to the Flatbucker as it hears the difference in the type of guitar that it is put on, unlike the Lace which sounded way more "magnetic" to me. I was having a hard time listening to the pickup as the place I was playing in had a lot of conversations going on (party), but I will give it a few gigs before I make the call on it. So far so good is the best I can say.

As for amplification I'm plugging straight into an Allen And Heath Zed10FX, and that goes to Mackie HD1221 cabs and a matching HD 1501 sub for big rooms. For problem (ie bad sounding) rooms I use a DTar Equinox EQ before the ZED. No effects other than the reverb on the ZED. I have used tons of external preamps, but the preamps in Allen Heath mixers are ridiculously good, and the sweepable mids work fine in most instances. I find less outboard gear and more attention to what and how I play works better for me.

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